What a testimony !

George started with the proverbial "silver spoon in his mouth in a small town inGeorgia called Monroe. You know, one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. Well, his family ran the local Coca-Cola plant and prior generations came with their history of money and prestige. George was expected to be "somebody" and represent the Bell family with dignity

So, George became a professional rock and roll guitarist. He went to college at Mercer University and Georgia Tech's tech school, Southern Polytechinical University, as well as doing a stint in the Air Force. But nothing was more tantalyzing than music and performing. The 70's were a time for a "free Spirit" to explore it all and George enjoyed every minute of it.


His band was called The Home Juice Company and was quite a hit during the 70's. (He even has CD's to prove it.) Of course we all know about that kind of lifestyle and George was no exception to participating in "all" that being in a band had to offer. But that life style needed a major conversion and although he wasn't literally knocked off a horse he sure was transformed.



He decided to put his trust and his life into the hands of the "only one" who could give him peace.The Lord has watched over him and used him mightily ever since.

Now his talent for music has changed to become the true "gift" of leading worship that the Lord had intended.
George plays whenever he can and he and Susan love leading worship together during conference and local meetings.

On the job side, George is now a card carrying Microsoft Certified Professional (computer geek). He is President and CEO of Threefold Data Solutions, a database software and web design company. In addition, he writes technical manuals and teaches training classes for clients.

In his spare time, he's either programming something or playing his guitar from the patio of his motorhome. Drop by Datasolutions by using the link below to see how the computer biz stacks up.