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provides the cutting edge Database Design and customized Software Applications for today's small to medium sized business. Integration of office information and client needs, with state of the art ecommerce web development is what makes Threefold DataSolutions the right choice for your business.

Customized software can be affordable and more cost effective for your business than you ever imagined. We use the latest and most powerful rapid development platform on the market to save you time and money.

Microsoft's Access has proven to be one of the most powerful, flexible development platforms available. There is very little that can't be done using this remarkable tool, and the development time is up to five times quicker saving you a LOT of money. The ability to use Visual Basic to enhance the power and flexibility of Access makes Access our choice in development platforms.

Microsoft has once again proved itself to be the leader in application development tools by offering an upscale "wizard" to automatically convert an Access backend database to the more powerful enterpise capable SQL Server. The front-end developed in Access is capable of interfacing seamlessly with the SQL Server backend.

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We at Threefold DataSolutions are eager to help you with your database application and software programming needs.

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