Good database design is the hallmark of a good and well thought out software application.

The understanding of the workings of various businesses from manufacturing to the service industry is critical to go database design. Many factors must be taken in consideration on the business side as well as the technical side to develope a database that is capable of handling your current needs as well as being scalable to grow as your company grows.

We at Threefold DataSolutions have been working with owners and managers of various businesses in many different industries for over 25 years. Our expertise in management and marketing means that we can see and understand your needs from YOUR side of the desk. Our technical expertise means that we can take this indepth understanding and create a custom application that can address your needs in ways that will amaze you.

Our clientel has varied from small businesses with less than ten employees to the likes of:

  • Sonoco
  • KPMG
  • CitiGroup
  • Siemens

and many others.

The database or back-end, is the central repository of the information that makes your business a living breathing entity.

The application or front-end is the interface the user sees. This is where the user enters, edits and deletes the data that runs your business. You generally call reports from the application as well.

Both of these have to work in harmony.

Depending upon the size and complexity of your business and network, you may be using one or more databases distributed over one or more servers. The front-end may contain the application, or there may be another server that handles the distribution of the application and handles the business rules. Sounds complicated doesn't it?

Threefold DataSolutions can design your Access or SQL Server database to suit the needs of your business. We believe that simple is better.

Whether you are designing a database for an office or for the web, give us a call.

Database Platforms:

  • Access
  • SQL Server

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