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Animated GIFs
Auto Backup Program

C2 Client Billing


Eudora 5.1

Zor Email Client

Acorn Email 2.5
Send Multiple Emails


Stay Connected to your ISP

O-Disconnect - (Freeware) Stay connected to your ISP. 1-KickThis - (Freeware) Stay connected to your ISP.
Pinger - (Freeware) Stay Connected to your ISP.
KDA - (Freeware) Stay Connected to your ISP.
Connection Keeper - (Freeware) Stay Connected to your ISP.
AC Plug - (Freeware) Stay Connected to you ISP


Spam Punisher - (Freeware)
"SPAM Punisher is an anti-spam tool that makes it easy for you to find out address of spammer's Internet Service Provider, generate and send complaints. If Internet Service Provider receives complaint generated by SPAM Punisher he usually closes internet access to spammer. If spam annoys you too much SPAM Punisher is essential tool for you."

Enterprise Harmony
- Synchronization for Casio PV-200 Win2000
Iomega Guest - Guest account for Iomega Zip
LeechFTP - (Freeware) FTP Client
Revelation - Read encrypted passwords
Snag-it - (Eval) Image capturing program


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