Are you looking to upgrade you old network or install a new one?
What are you looking to do with your network?
What type of equiptment do you need that will be cost-effective?

Network Design

Threefold DataSolutions can design and install that networks that work for you. We find out what you need to do and design the network that fits your business. We have MCSE, CNE, Cisco, and harware certified people on staff that know networks.

LANs, WANs, intranets, extranets, high-speed access, peer-to-peer, client-server, Windows 2000 trusted domains -- we do them all.

We will assess you site and give you a quote that will fit your budget. Contact Us for more details. Send us any ideas, problems, or new designs that you need help with and let Threefold DataSolutions be your network provider.

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We provide full support and training for all of our installations. We will be happy to train your technicians, and provide a maintenance contract for any of the more difficult situations that may arise.

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Computer Upgrades

We upgrade desktop and servers. Looking to upgrade you machine with a new operating system, processors, memory, video, etc.. We may be able to save you money.

Contact us regarding your needs. If you are not into buying something new at this time let us know what you want to do. We will send you a quote back and then work out the details of where you should send the machine to or if want someone on site. All our upgrades come with a 90 warrenty on all parts replaced.

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Custom Built Servers

We will be happy to build your server to your specifications, customized for the needs of your business.

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Active Directory

If you have seen active directory you will know that setting this up for your network might be a little more than following the instructions.

Active directory is new to Windows and the Windows environment. It takes after Novell's directory services, but with alot of enhancements. The staff at Threefold DataSolutions will set your active directory up for you (users, clients, group policy, and security). Instead of spending thousands on training personal we can do it for much less. We set up the entire structure for you with remote monitor services to fix everyday problems.

Contact us for more information to help your company set active directory up correctly. We offer contracts as a help desk if you need assistance if it has been implemented.

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Cabling could end up to be quite a mess if you don't know just what you're doing.
Please contact us for a quote.

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