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What Does ADHD Look Like?

With all the hype and all the information floating around, ADHD has become the most confusing topic in children and adult's health.

Here at The ADHD Platform, you'll find articles and information and the "actual" meaning of most of them.

We have spent the last 30 years studying ADHD and have "lived" it. And in fact, are STILL living it. Look at our profile and see that we speak from hands on experience not just outside the loop.

We will truly attempt to give you hope as this can be the most exciting ride of your life - if you let God be in control!

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Some Good Things

Let's look at the good side of ADHD. Did you know very famous people are ADHDrs. See it takes an unusual amount of energy and talent to accomplish things in this world. People with ADHD have the energy and often times more enthusiasm than they know what to do with.

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