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Computers and Organization

The "Business" of Your Ministry

Are you tired of trying to get that necessary information off your computer system but can’t figure out where it is? Or are you just plain tired of all those pieces of paper around your desk but don’t know how to store it in the computer to be able to find it later?

God has a plan for your ministry and that includes the "business" part of your ministry. All facets of what you do for the Lord must be in order but many pastors aren't equipped to do it all. That's the difference between "priests" and "kings". So no matter what your annointing...

We have just the solution!

Threefold DataSolutions has designed a computer software program to manage any situation a pastor, church organization, or business will come up against. And with a spirit of excellence, you can and will keep track of everything the Lord brings into your headship. ChurchMaster will keep track of your appointments, manage your finances, and let you track projects, people, buildings - you name it and it does it!

Stop fooling with those software programs that do "part" of what you need but not all. You can have a system designed just to meet your needs and without paying a fortune for the privilege. With hands on set-up and training, Threefold DataSolutions can get your records and your ministry on the right track and keep you there.

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