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We're putting together our database of really cool links and contacts that we've found over the years. It's pretty large so please be patient.
Please check back and we'll have all of them ready for your review very soon.

For now, check out this GREAT link that will diffuse most of those silly emails we get. Many of us are reading emails that are really a hoax and have no basis in fact. Learn the REAL TRUTH about many of the messages that fly through your email box. http://www.truthorfiction.com/



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Need to know about MOVIES?
The BEST resource on the web for revues from a christian perspective.

"A spiritual spin on this week’s box office hits"
ABC World
News Tonight

"A web site devoted to spirituality in movies"
The Wall Street Journal

"Examines movies'
spiritual content"

The Christian
Science Monitor

"The popularity of
Hollywood Jesus
has been a
pleasant surprise"

Christianity Today

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