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Teaching and training conferences and mini-seminars are very much a part of Threefold's activities. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and will be hosting monthly home group meetings throughout the year.

Our seminars include:

WorshipTransforming music into the tangible presence of the Lord

LeadershipWho am I in the body and how do I lead.
This seminar also includes the "business" side of ministry

Prayer and WarfareTeachings on intercession and deliverance


Teachings and testing on temperaments and healing issues

Some Books and Tapes

Leadership David's Style

Many sheep have gone astray because of shepherds who are wounded themselves. Learn the lessons of leadership from David in this audio tape. $5.00



Learn how to understand those around you with this entertaining and informative teaching tape on temperament needs.


The Shephard and
His Sheep

The Lord taught David how to lead the nation of Israel – from childhood. Learn from David’s life how to become the leader God had intended.
Devotional Mini-Book $5.00


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