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"Temperament Needs Testing"

Have you ever wondered whether the people around you are genuine or wearing a mask?

Most people have a genuine awareness of how they appear to others. They either try hard to blend in or do something drastic in clothing or behavior to attract attention. Wanting and "needing" to be accepted, noticed or stay unnoticed, many go to great lengths to fullfill these needs. We've all seen the teenagers who "wear" their needs from top to bottom. From drastic body piercing and blue lipstick to "The Gap" only outfits, teenagers are a perfect portrait of how our needs scream to be fullfilled. Of course as we age, we think we outgrow all those silly ideas.The reality is, until you understand your needs, you'll never be satisfied.

The way we act, the way we speak, even the way we dress has much to do with our Temperament Needs.We all have them and at times, we will function positively when our needs are being met or negatively when we become self directed and try to meet these needs in less than desirable ways.

There are a few different theories out there and several "names" that specific counselors use.I Believe that we are all a blend of Temperaments and just like we have inherited our physical DNA from our parents and grandparents we too have inherited a blend of characteristics and needs.

These Temperament Needs play an important part in the jobs we seek, the people we date or decide to marry, and even the friends we have or choose not to have. Without knowing it, our Temperament leads us into all kinds of situations and circumstances.

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So What Do We Do?

Identifying and understanding our basic Temperament and it’s Needs and learning to operate in its strengths is critical for all of us! Knowing who we are and how we handle ourselves is not an excuse for bad behavior but rather an educational and spiritual process to get us to be the BEST that we can be! Allowing the Lord to be the source of satisfying our needs certainly takes the pressure off of our loved ones.


How We Can Help

Here at Threefold we teach people by way of testing and individual or group presentations about Temperaments and Godly ways to draw from this information to better your personal relationships and spiritual walk. The Lord does an awesome job of transforming us moment by moment when we surrender to Him and when we know what to surrender we are much ahead of the game.

You can e-mail us at forindividual testing or seminar information.

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